radio and television interviews


Michael Sun and Helen Pitt The Japanese artist making theatre for the dead Sydney Morning Herald 28 January

Our Songs: Ella Dreyfus, interviewed by Claudia Taranto Life Matters, ABC Radio National 22 March

The Sydney Kabuki Project with Akira Takayama, The Hub on Arts, ABC Radio National 21 March


Arts Wednesday, interviewed by Sylvia Rosenblum Radio Eastside FM 8 November

Sky News Live Interview by Janine Perrett with Ella Dreyfus and Sandra Eldridge 7 August 

Dr Ella Dreyfus: My father was a Kindertransport refugee interview by Nitza Lowenstein SBS Radio 


Artist’s nude photo censored by Facebook SMH 16 March 

Facebook censorship of Age and Consent by Emma Strack Le Magazine de la Santé 28 March


Books and Arts interviewed by Melanie Tait ABC Radio National


Arts Wednesday, interviewed by Sylvia Rosenblum, Radio Eastside

Life Matters, interviewed by Natasha Mitchel, ABC Radio National


Australian Artist in New York interview with Joy Rose, New York City Radio


Arts Show, interviewed by Sylvia Rosenblum 2RESFM

Women on Top, interviewed by Shreya Sen 2SER FM


The Arts Show, produced by Jill Singer ABC TV

Arts Today, interviewed by Michael Cathcart ABC Radio National

Arts Program, Interviewed and produced by Robert Brennan Optus TV

Arts Talk, interviewed by Julie Copeland ABC Radio National


The Arts Show, interviewed and produced by Gerri Williams ABC TV

Compass, introduced by Geraldine Doogue ABC TV

Today Tonight, interviewed by Chris Allen, Channel 7 News

Interviewed by Jason Cameron, Channel 10 Today

Interviewed by Tracey Grimshaw, Channel Nine

Tutti! Interviewed and produced by Gerry Williams, SBS TV

Life Matters, Interviewed by Norman Swan ABC Radio National

Creatures, Interviewed by Fenella Kernebone ABC Triple J Radio


Sightings Mary-Lou Jelbart ABC Radio National

Terry Lane Show ABC 2BL, 3LO, 7ZR, 2NC, Radio Australia


7.30 Report ABC TV

John Doyle Show ABC 2BL

Today Channel Nine Television


Good Morning Australia, Interviewed by Kerrie Anne Kennerly Channel Ten

Offspring Interviewed by Geraldine Doogue ABC Radio National