ella dreyfus
Ella Dreyfus was awarded the inaugural 2005 Olive Cotton Award for Photographic Portraiture portrait "The Lads: Nadz and Dax". The winning work was acquired by the Tweed River Art Gallery, for its permanent collection.

Photographer Sally McInerney, daughter of Olive Cotton, judged the Award and said this of Dreyfus' winning entry:

"the portrait has beautiful composition and great technical virtuosity. The subjects have arranged themselves like a piece of classical sculpture - but not for long. It's a bit subversive because they're from an aesthetically overlooked group - not glamorous or angst ridden, no social authority, and not much personal history. They are in a mysterious phase of life that doesn't last long, like chrysalids... ...She's managed to catch the complexity of two young boys lives in "The Lads: Nadz and Dax". It's a beautiful piece of work."

In the 2006 Olive Cotton Award Ella Dreyfus was awarded the judges commendation for her portrait "David Moses".